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SeeDeep Stainless Steel 316L - Reading glasses

Robust seawater resistend reading glasses.

SeeDeep Stainless Steel 316L Reading Glasses fit on all scuba mask models and are made out of durable stainless steel material and strong polycarbonate lenses.


The ultimate pair of reading glasses for divers, crafted with durability and user-friendliness in mind.

Key features:

  • Multi fit, fits on all types of dive masks
  • Sturdy fit on your dive mask, due to soft adhesive pads that keep the glasses in place
  • A silicone strap - together with the adhesive pads - will keep the reading glasses fixed in any position on your diving mask
  • Easy storage during your dive in the Neoprene BCD case.



  • 1 pair of SeeDeep Stainless Steel 316L - Reading glasses
  • Lens combination with the diopter strength that you select
  • 2 adjustable headband straps
  • 1 Neoprene BCD case


Product Specifications:

  • Lenses are made from high quality polycarbonate
  • Anti scratch coat applied on lenses
  • 316L Frame
  • 181 mm in length x 26 mm in height
  • Weight 45 gram

Marine-grade Stainless Steel 316L

Frame color: Stainless steel
Shipped in August 2024
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