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The SeeDeep 
reading glasses

Quoted by Steve Weinman - DIVERNET

July 10, 2023

SeeDeep dive glasses are over the top!

Easy to handle

Jolande, a 63-year-old diver, had the chance to test the reading glasses in Bonaire. "Thank you, for letting me test these reading glasses, it was fun! They were very easy to handle and they work great. This is a nice alternative for my old prescription mask!" #underwaterlife #seedeepglasses

  • Available in all standard strengths

  • Fits all diving mask types and models

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Choose the best position

Bob, a 65-year-old professional scuba diver, tried a pair of SeeDeep Reading glasses in Bonaire. “Great feature of these glasses is that they are not fixed. You can choose the best position and they can be removed if you want 

more vision.

#diving #seedeepglasses

  • Made from high quality materials

  • Neoprene BCD case always included   

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