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SeeDeep Reading Glasses Main Image (Final)_edited.jpg

Removable Underwater Reading Glasses for Divers

The first reading glasses for Divers that gives you full control of your view

Use the reading glasses only when you need them.

Choose the best position on your Diving mask.

Enjoy a sharp view of even the tiniest details.

Get them out of your way when you are done.

Designed to fit all Diving mask types and models. 


S t a i n l e s s   S t e e l

Stainless Steel_edited.png

Marine-grade Stainless Steel 316L

Weight: 1.6 Ounce / 45 Gram

Polycarbonate lenses

Adjustable Neoprene BCD case included


A l u m i n u m

Anodized Aluminum

Seawater resistant

Weight 0.9 Ounce / 25 Gram

Polycarbonate lenses

Adjustable Neoprene BCD case included

Adjustable position

For all mask models

deze 02_edited.png



SeeDeep Reading glasses for dive mask

- Lieke Post -

23 July 2023

Beta Test in Bonaire

Alex Zwinkels.JPG

- Alex Zwinkels -

27 July 2023

Many thanks for letting me test the diving glasses

Review 2

- Emily Hart -

08 August 2023

First try @ Bonaire reef Hilma Hooker

Review 3

- Sara -

08 August 2023

Bali dive

Review 4

- Jake -

28 July 2023

Dive in the Caymans

SeeDeep Reading glasses for dive goggles

- Marlieke -

25 July 2023

Beta Test master diver

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the diving glasses are to use. You hang the case on your BCD and take it out whenever you want a close-up. I love underwater creatures, so seeing them up close during my dives is amazing.

Thank you for letting me test the first version of the diving glasses! I was really surprised how easy they were for underwater use. I liked the possibility to change the position on the mask and I used this a lot. Also an advantage that you can take them off when you don´t need them.

I never thought I would need readers for underwater but I do. These Seedeep reading glasses are easy to handle and they work great. Even the smallest things look sharp again and I like that I can put the glasses anywhere on my mask.

I would recomment these underwater diving glasses to all divers whom have a blurry view at nearby objects.

Took my See deep diving glasses to Bali, and I was happy to experience how simple the glasses work on my scuba mask. They're comfy and didn't fog up on me. 

Easy to remove when I do not need and magnification when I dive. If you're like me and need glasses for diving, I recommend Seedeep diving glasses. 

Beta testing the seedeep reading glasses in Bonaire was a treat. They're sturdy, comfortable, and surprisingly easy to use. The vision of nearby objects is sharp and choosing the best position on my mask worked perfectly. Great feature about the diving glasses is that you can also take them off and enjoy the reef without any lenses blocking your view.

Article | 3 min

SeeDeep reading glasses compared to a prescription mask or diving glasses

An alternative solution for a sharp underwater view. ​While exploring the underwater world with prescription lenses, contact lenses, or standard eyeglasses can be a rewarding experience, there's one solution that can compete with the rest. SeeDeep reading Glasses are specially designed reading glasses for divers which offer a few advantages that make them a good choice for underwater enthusiasts. ​ 1. Unmatched Clarity: SeeDeep Reading Glasses provide unparalleled clarity of vision because they are on the outside of the diving mask. It is simply impossible for the reading glasses to become fogged or blurry. These glasses are designed to get a sharp view of every detail of the underwater world and without any fog blurring your view. ​2. Secure Fit: One of the advantages of SeeDeep Reading Glasses is their secure fit. Unlike contact lenses that may dislodge due to suction cup effects or the pressure of deep dives. The SeeDeep reading glasses stay comfortably in place troughout the whole dive. ​3. Easy to Use: SeeDeep Reading Glasses are very user-friendly. There's no need for additional attachments, like anchor brackets for contact lenses or straps for standard eyeglasses. There is also no need for preparations just before the dive like positioning adhesive lenses. Simply put them on/off during the dive as often as you want with the same ease as normal reading glasses. ​4. Durable Design: These glasses are built to withstand all the elements of scuba diving and snorkeling. They are constructed from high-quality materials that are seawater proof and provide long-lasting durability. With proper care, SeeDeep Reading Glasses can give you a sharp and comfortable view on countless dives. ​5. Versatile Solution: While prescription dive masks and snorkel masks can give you a sharp view for underwater activities, they are fixed and cannot be adjusted or removed when you want to. SeeDeep Reading Glasses offer more flexibility, they can be added on the mask whenever you want to, and removed to restore the full view of your dive mask. The SeeDeep reading glasses can be placed on any position on the diving mask. Choose the most comfortable position depending if the objects are below or above your head. The SeeDeep reading glasses will fit on all diving mask types or models making it possible to enjoy a sharp view on the diving mask that you prefer. 6. Cost-Effective: When compared to the investment required for custom prescription dive masks or snorkel masks, SeeDeep Reading Glasses are a cost-effective choice, making them an accessible option for underwater enthusiasts of all levels. 7. Easy Maintenance: Caring for SeeDeep Reading Glasses is easy. Simply rinse them with fresh water after each dive to remove salt and debris. #2: Conclusion SeeDeep Reading Glasses offer a range of advantages for underwater vision correction. With unmatched clarity, a secure fit, durability, and affordability, they provide a good solution for those who seek to explore even the tiniest details of the underwater world.

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