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Removable underwater reading glassess

The first reading glasses for scuba divers that gives you full control of your view

          You get to see your dive gauge clearly.

          Micro details underwater become even more visible.

          You decice when to use the glasses, how long to use them and in which position on your mask

          you want to wear them.

SeeDeep Stainless Steel 316L - Reading Glasses_rightv2.png



Stainless Steel 316L
Robust reading glasses

Fits all mask models

Available with a wide variety of diopter strength's

SeeDeep aluminiuml glasses.png


Anodized Aluminium
Salt water resistant

Light weight

2 amazing color options



SeeDeep Reading glasses for dive mask

- Lieke Post -

23 July 2023

Beta Test in Bonaire

Alex Zwinkels.JPG

- Alex Zwinkels -

27 July 2023

Many thanks for letting me test the diving glasses

Review 2

- Emily Hart -

08 August 2023

First try @ Bonaire reef Hilma Hooker

Review 3

- Sara -

08 August 2023

Bali dive

Review 4

- Jake -

28 July 2023

Dive in the Caymans

SeeDeep Reading glasses for dive goggles

- Marlieke -

25 July 2023

Beta Test master diver

I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the diving glasses are to use. You hang the case on your BCD and take it out whenever you want a close-up. I love underwater creatures, so seeing them up close during my dives is amazing.

Thank you for letting me test the first version of the diving glasses! I was really surprised how easy they were for underwater use. I liked the possibility to change the position on the mask and I used this a lot. Also an advantage that you can take them off when you don´t need them.